Critique 2

For this critique, I will review the tools for the Intro Audio and Poster Project. Beginning with the audio, I felt was the most helpful tool that I could find. The overview seems overwhelming at first because of all the options, sections, and subjects. Before diving in, I had to browse the entire site so I knew how the layout worked. First, there was a brief introduction to the site and information on basic forum posting instructions. Then there was the option to sort forum posts by the type of software you have. Since I have a windows, I thought it would be smartest to browse the forums mainly under that category. The other options on this forum page was the feedback and discussion section. Here you can post reviews of the software, your opinion on the software, and what additions you think the software needs. Another good source on this site is the search bar. The key is to put in the correct keywords for your problem or question. For example, I needed to change the sound of the voice portion of the audio. By searching “make voice sound deeper”, I found matches on forum posts with advice on how to change voices. I liked this because people had specific instructions and some even worked. Finally, there is the option to, of course, create your own post to the forum. I did not need to ask a new question because I was able to navigate the site and find posts that mostly answered my questions. The forum post option was very user friendly, and everything is controlled by an account that you have to make.

The poster project was not an easy project, but I felt that I had less of a need for tutorials. I used the website for help I needed with both Photoshop and Illustrator. I decided to start my project and just look into the forums when I needed help. This of course occurred right away. Starting with saving my images from the American Memory Project, I noticed that the presidents were in dire need of a Photoshop makeover. I clicked the Photoshop forum link so I had specific posts. Searching “sharpen images” solved my problem on how to make the old pictures look new. There were tips on masks and overlay options. I tried several until I found the combination. I learned that if I copied the full size picture and made a new document, the exact dimensions were already know (probably not that interesting to others). Also, if you place is as a “smart object”, Photoshop automatically gives the image an “auto fix” of sorts. I thought the look improved even with that. That was the only thing that I was not able to figure out on my own. I tried to solve all problems on my own before using the forum because I knew I would need to have a better knowledge of Illustrator and Adobe for the Interactive Map project. I am thankful that Flash Catalyst is Adobe also so I can use this on my final project!


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