Critique 1

For my Intro Visual Project I had no idea how to even use Adobe
Illustrator, so I knew I would need some kind of help with the
software. I decided to request an Atomic Learning account. When I got
my login information later that day I was ready to learn.

Initially I was surprised with how many different tutorials they
offered. It was easy to navigate to the Illustrator videos. After
browsing the titles I decided to just skip to section G which has all
of the pen tool tutorials. After watching the basics I switched over
to the more advance tutorials to see if there was anything helpful in
that section. I really liked how there were different tutorials for
different level learners.

Atomic Learning also has a project feature for some software. If I
wanted to do something to test my knowledge, they had descriptions on
each one. It would give a list of instructions and a short movie or
video clip of what the completed example project looks like. Great for
if you have time to mess around with software to get a better
understanding. Unfortunately, they do not have any projects available
for Illustrator, so I had to stick with the tutorials. I did see some
for Audacity, so maybe for the Intro Audio project I will check it

When I did not feel like picking through all of the tutorial clips, I
used trusty Google. Turns out, just typing in your question usually
works. Apparently more people other than me had the same questions.
Saved me a lot of time!

Finally, I liked how there are more simple tutorials. I found some for
Wordpress to help better organize my blog. I needed to make pages and
subpages to rearrange all my projects so they looked neater and it
showed me how. I will definitely keep using Atomic Learning and I
definitely recommend it for anyone who needs help with software!


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