Interactive Map Reflection

I have started over on this project so many times. My original plan was to do all of the states in America and make all clickable buttons. Then, a classmate told me that there is a State limit of 20 when using Flash Catalyst. I was frustrated because I had been going in the states’ alphabetical order and I did not want to just do the first 15 because that would be boring. Before I gave up on my plan to do the entire map, I tried researching a way to get around this limit. Turns out you can create components within states so I measured it out to assign 3 different states of America to each “state” in Flash Catalyst. As I began again with a new map, I thought it was pretty simple and repetitive. When I reached the 12th state of America, I got an “error in the code” message. After researching this further, it basically meant that I had too many graphics to work properly without being extremely slow. So that meant I had to start over AGAIN since I had started the project in rows and I didn’t want that. I decided to just cut my losses and deal with only being able to have 12 states. I picked the 12 that I liked the best or had the coolest pictures. By this point, I was a pro at making the scroll bars and scroll boxes. Everything after that was very simple. I made a basic title and legend and added an ocean behind my map. Since all of the pictures were in polaroid form, I decided to stick with that theme and make my sound effect a real polaroid developing a picture. I added a fade-in to make it look like the pictures developing and I was finished.



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